1. From the profile page of a person or a document you want to visualize, click “Visualization for [person/document name].” This will open a social network graph of the person or document and their connections to other people and documents in the system in a new window.

2. You can change the visualization organization and style by selecting from the options in the Visualization menu on the left of the new window, choosing a social network graph (radial) or a packed radial style. You can also choose to organize the visualization around people, documents, or specific keywords (the Timeline option). In RoSE’s social network graphs, connections between nodes are directional, and the direction of the relationship is indicated by an arrow. In both styles of visualization, scrolling over the connections between nodes will reveal the kind of relationship that connects those nodes. Clicking on another person or document node in the visualization will re-center the visualization around that person or document; pressing Ctrl+click (or Cmd+click on a Mac) will take you to that person or document’s profile page in RoSE; and using Ctrl+drag (or Cmd+drag on a Mac) will zoom in and out.

3. You can filter your results according to the number of people and document nodes and/or the historical range you would like the visualization to display by clicking on the Filter option in the Visualization menu. Choosing the Metadata option from the Visualization menu will display basic information about any node you mouse over, as well as keep track of a history of those nodes you have selected.

4. Click Help in the Visualization menu to learn more about navigating the visualizations and about the different visualization styles.

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